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About Akerabi

Akerabi is a multivendor eCommerce platform in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa; that sits between businesses and finding the customer they always dream of, “a customer who buys”. Our shopping website helps you in marketing your brands by identifying the right audience and promote the products and services the businesses has to offer. Moreover it will help companies work together in a multi-vendor environment to ensure customer satisfaction has been met. The company also offers its ultimate benefit to its customers by offering best deals they could get from a variety of shops.

Bargain Deals

Akerabi compares prices and products from different stores, and the customers will have the option to select the best deals for themselves.

Correlated Market

Akerabi is a multi-vendor eCommerce platform that contains different stores and service providers across the country that can compete or work together to build their brand in the open market

Centralized Platform

Akerabi sits between a company who offers its products or services to the market and a potential target customer that can be interested in the offered product or service.

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