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Rental Materials List

Equipment/Machine DescriptionUnitUnit Price Including VAT
Dozer D8R and Abovehour1625
Dozer D6Dhour1562.5
Wheel Excavator 320hphour2075
Chain Excavator 320hphour2075
Grader 140Hp and Abovehour1625
Grader 120Hphour1562.5
Roller 10ton and Abovehour1000
Roller Below 10tonhour1000
Dump Truck 14m3 and abovetrip1400
Double Cabbin PickupDay Rate
Single/Ex Cab pickupDay Rate
Welding machine Oxy AccDay Rate1480
DC-Welding machine 500AmpDay Rate350
GrinderDay Rate120
Metal cutterDay Rate200
Vibrator 3-5hp(Benzene)Day Rate345
Vibrator 3-5hp(Electrical)Day Rate345
Concrete Mixer 350 LitDay Rate690
Concrete Mixer 500 LitDay Rate690
Winch Single phaseDay Rate690
Winch Three phaseDay Rate805
Plate compactorDay Rate517.5
Jack Hammer ElectricalDay Rate2300
Generator Single phase 5KW and BelowDay Rate690
Generator Three phaseDay Rate920
Steel Scaffolding - for finishing worksm2 per month167.5
Circular panels for columnsPiece per Day115
Asphalt Mekurecha/CutterDay Rate2300
DumperDay Rate2500
Hoist/for plastering and paintingDay Rate115
Jumper/ Tamping CompactorDay Rate1380
LoaderDay Rate12980
Maleselsh/Polisher for Floor finishesDay Rate2300
Mebeyeja Generator/Welding GeneratorDay Rate805
Panel /m2Monthly Rate51.75
Panel from 16-30daysDay Rate3.45
Panel from 4-8 daysDay Rate8.05
Panel from 9-15daysDay Rate4.6
Panel from 1-3daysDay Rate11.5
Water PumpDay Rate517.5
VibratorDay Rate345
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